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Welcome to Bible Conversations, where we start in-depth conversations between kids and parents who want to know more about God’s Word and make it a part of their everyday lives. Bible Conversations takes a classical approach to learning, and that is that we use questions and answers that help students to learn the grammar of faith by memorizing important information. But we add to this classical style a more modern use of music to help memory work stick. Just like you still probably remember songs from your childhood like Schoolhouse Rock, your students will remember the facts about God’s Word for the rest of their lives by learning the fun songs that go along with each question and answer.

Our content is enough to teach your the whole family about God every day of the week. The entire lesson plan covers 52 weeks, which are broken down into 17 week cycles that you can repeat every year in order to make it all stick.

Cycle 1 is Old Testament and includes memory work about the Father.

Cycle 2 is New Testament and includes lost of memory work on the Son.

Cycle 3 is New Testament and includes a lot of information on the Holy Spirit.

On this site you will find the Questions and Answers for Cycle 1 currently. To find them click on Cycle 1 at the top of this page and then select the week you want from the drop down menu. Cycle 2 will be posted soon. You will also find the songs that go with each question. All of this content is free for you to use with your family or your church. If you would like to make a donation just let us know and we’d be glad to help you do that.

We are so glad that you are considering taking this step of making God’s Word more of a reality in the lives of you and your kids. We hope you enjoy!